Extra Leverage For Ratchets, Wrenches & Pliers

Add a Big Bertha Breacher

& get the job done!

Use a 2nd breaker

bar for extra power

Breaker bar or ratchet

on a tough nut

Use a 3/8" or 1/2"

drive ratchet for versatile

ratcheting angles in tight places 

Slot for extra leverage with combination wrenches


Compact 12” length uses a breaker bar or ratchet for up to 4 feet of length.

Versatile ratcheting angles of leverage and IT ALL FITS IN YOUR TOOL BOX.

No more long awkward cheater pipes, double wrenching or makeshift wrench extenders!


 Professional Cr-V Steel - Polished Chrome Finish - Guaranteed For Life


Keyfit Tools Breaker Bar & Ratchet Adapter


Keyfit Tools 24" Breaker Bar & Ratchet Adapter

 Compatible with Big Bertha Breachers

Ratchet adapter converts the breaker bar to a high torque ratchet.

(390 lbs max torque ratchet adapter)

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Premium Chrome Vanadium

Heat Treated & Tempered For Extra Strength (2pc Set)