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From automotive to heavy equipment to military to irrigation,

Keyfit Tools innovates new tools that help save time. 



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sprinkler head removal replacement adjustment tool
Made for irrigation professionals
Channellocks Knipex Multi tool angled jaw pipe wrench slip jont pliers
M Wrench
M is for multi functional
Propane Torch Stand Bernzomatic
NoTip Torch Stand
Stable on outdoor surfaces like grass & rock
Sod Knife Cutter
Sod Knife
Trim overgrown sprinkler heads & valve boxes
AccuTip quackgrass killer roundup pics 5
Wipe, drip or dab RoundUp No drift No overspray
quick step ladder assist website.jpg
Quick Step Ladder Assit
Holds down the ladder so you can walk it up
flex guard keyfit tools web page.jpg
Flex Guard
Sub Zero Protection For Driveway Markers
sprinkler head adjustment Replacement removal tool
Limited edition stainless steel 
Breaker bar cheater bar wrench extender Big Bertha Breacker
Extra leverage for wrenches & ratchets
Landscape Light Installation Tool
5 in 1 Land Staker
Works on landscape lights, fertilizer spikes, grading stakes, flower bulbs & garden torches
Driveway Marker Installation Tool  Driveway Reflector
It's never too late to install driveway markers
paver puller.jpg
Remove locked in pavers from edging and other pavers
power trimmer all sizes.jpg
Power Trimmer
Powered Sprinkler Head Trimmer
More Info
Keyfit Tools flex guard driveway marker
Flex Guard MarkerBit
Flex Guard Installation Tool
anchor tee 5x5 back ground web.jpg
Anchor Tee
For Driver On The Driving Range

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